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Project NAGA™, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania dedicated to documenting the lives, accomplishments, and words forever of Veterans before they are Forever Deployed™.


Project NAGA™ purpose is to ensure the knowledge, expertise, experience, and accomplishments of Veterans are not lost to history.   We work with Veterans to ensure his or her stories are told by engaging with them and working with other community partners to ensure their knowledge is passed on to the next generation.   Your donations enable us to help identify Veterans in Hospice that are alone, Veterans that were not properly honor prior to being Forever Deployed™, and using modern technology to help document their accomplishments then passing this knowledge to the next generation of Americans.

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To accomplish any mission it begins with grassroots level organization. Read about how to become Project NAGA™ team member to ensure no Veteran is Forever Deployed™ prior to his or her knowledge being passed on to future generations.